Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday Things

I always like discovering new things.  And it's always great when you can share those discoveries with other people.  So...I decided I'd start a weekly post of the things I've discovered during the past week.  This list could include anything from a movie I saw to a funny picture on the Internet.  Maybe I'll find something here that you like.

I was browsing around Etsy yesterday and stumbled across this Hunger Games Bracelet by wanglovemade.  I actually really, really like this.  I love the mockingjay pin and the colors the creator chose for the bracelet portion.  And, get's only $1.99. have I not watched this show from the beginning?  It is right up my ally.  First of all, the main characters are extremely good looking.  Second, the story line is really cool.  (They're brothers following in their father's footsteps as "hunters" of all things supernatural.)  Lastly, this show is freaking hysterical.  As serious and intense as the show is, I frequently find myself laughing out loud at it.  The one-liners and facial expressions of the brothers seriously crack me up.

Earlier today someone posted a video on Facebook and, from that video, I discovered the website I Love Local Commercials.  Ok, so you may or may not have ever seen the commercial for the Red House (a furniture store in North Carolina).  Well, let me assure you that it borders on hilarious and has a catchy little tune to go along with it.  Well, apparently the I Love Local Commercials guys go around to local small business and help them make commercials.  Well, the commercial I saw today was for a business that sells used mobile homes.  I am not even joking, I laughed out loud when I saw it.  I'm posting both the Red House commercial and the Cullman Liquidation commercials below so you guys can enjoy them too.

If you have a child, you have got to check out Message With A Bottle.  I discovered it a while back, but earlier this week I was browsing through some of his old stuff stumbled upon this gem from sometime last year.  I  got a big kick out of it since, just yesterday, I was singing Afro Circus with my 2 year old.  Funny stuff....seriously funny stuff...

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