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Book Review: Friends with Benefits

Friends with Benefits

Author: C. C. Wood

Release Date: June 5, 2012

Publisher: Amazon

Dates Read: April 24 - 26, 2013

How Acquired: Won

DescriptionNatalie York is done with relationships. D-O-N-E. After her latest loverboy hits on her best friend, she's tired of playing games and having her heart broken. From now on, she's keeping things casual.

When Nat meets her sexy new neighbor, Aidan Hart, she decides his offer to be friends with benefits is perfect. Soon, Nat discovers perfection isn't all it's cracked up to be. Her ex reveals himself to be a slightly insane stalker, and, even worse, Nat discovers that keeping her heart locked up tight isn't working out like she planned. Either way, she's certain she's in for a bumpy ride. (Taken from

My Review: For a novella and an author I had never heard mentioned on any of the blogs I follow, I was really impressed with this one.  I thought Wood did a fantastic job of setting up the story and introducing the reader to the various characters.  Nat caught her boyfriend trying to hook up with her best friend and kicked him to the curb.  Well, the old boyfriend wouldn't take "get the eff out" for an answer and kept bothering her.  His incessant banging on her door and hollering led to the introduction between Nat and her new neighbor Aidan when he showed up to reinforce her request to "get the eff out."  So Nat and Aidan start hanging out and one thing leads to another.  Things between the two heat up pretty quickly and, by Wood's description, Aidan is HOTT (and her ex is psychotic.)  I really enjoyed the story and how it progressed.  I was impressed with Wood and may have to check out the second novella in the series.  On another note, maybe it's cause I recently watched True Blood, but I pictured Aidan looking like Alexander Skarsgard.  And that made the story SUPER enjoyable.  Haha.

My Rating: I really liked it


from The Berry

from The Berry

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