Friday, April 12, 2013

Book Review: Fendi, Ferragamo, and Fangs

Fendi, Ferragamo, and Fangs


Release Date: July 3, 2007

Publisher: Berkley Trade

Dates Read:  July 10 - 13, 2010

How Acquired: Purchased

Meet the vamps of the Vamps, Inc. modeling agency:

Olivia, straight-A nerd turned overnight star model--unfortunately, her boyfriend doesn't know exactly how much she's changed...Big and beautiful Veronika, the new plus-size model for Vamps, Inc. on an all-blood diet...and Sydney, misunderstood bad girl and whispered-about tabloid sensation.
It's about time that the undead live it up... (Taken from

My Review: Knowing that I was going on vacation, I hit up the bookstore the to see what was on clearance. I guess I should have realized that since it was on clearance that meant no one else had bought it, but I've gotten clearance books before that turned out to be really good. Fendi, Ferragamo, & Fangs, however, wasn't all that fantastic.

I mean, it was cute and all, but it was really lacking. The book was broken into three different stories, one for each girl. I felt that the characters could have been much more developed than they were and the stories seemed to end abruptly without a lot of closure.

The third story had a fairly good ending, but I would have loved to see how the end of that story affected the other two girls. I just felt like when I finished the book I was unsatisfied. I thought since it was a book about vampires it would at least have a little action and adventure, but there was zero! It was just a fairly plain story about some girls who happened to be turned into vampires.

Overall, the book was okay. It wasn't the worst book I've ever read, but it is definitely not a must read. I'll let you all read this one at your own risk.

My Rating: Did Not Like It

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