Thursday, April 4, 2013

Book Review: Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay

Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay


Release Date: March 28, 2006

Publisher:   Simon Spotlight Entertainment

Dates Read:  February 26 - April 2, 2013

How Acquired:  Won from Bless Their Hearts Mom

The moment the second line on the pee stick turns pink, women discover they've entered a world of parenting experts.

Friends, family, colleagues, the UPS delivery guy -- suddenly everybody is a trove of advice, much of it contradictory and confusing. With dire warnings of what will happen if baby is fed on demand and even direr warnings of what will happen if he isn't, not to mention hordes of militant "lactivists," cosleeping advocates, and books on what to worry about next, modern parenthood can seem like a minefield.
In busy Mom-friendly short essays, Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay delivers the empathetic straight dirt on parenting, tackling everything from Mommy & Me classes ("Your baby doesn't need to be making friends at three months old -- you do! But not with people you'll meet at Mommy & Me") to attachment parenting ("If you're holding your baby 24/7, that's not a baby, that's a tumor"). Stefanie Wilder-Taylor combines practical tips with sidesplitting humor and refreshing honesty, assuring women that they can be good mothers and responsibly make their own choices. A witty and welcome antidote to trendy parenting texts and scarifying case studies, Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay provides genuine support, encouragement, and indispensable common-sense advice. (Taken from

My Review: Ok, this book was really cute.  I found it both funny and informative. I imagine I would have read it in a day back when my daughter was first born. When I was in the throes of having a newborn and wondering what in the world I was doing.  However, now that she is 2, I did not really feel like I got a whole lot from the book.  Don't get me wrong, it was funny and I enjoyed it.  But not nearly as much as I would have if I still had a baby.  I definitely recommend this for anyone getting ready to have a baby or having just had a baby.  But I cannot, in good conscious  post my review without including my favorite passage from the book.  I laughed so hard when I read this...

“Just when it seemed [mommy & me] couldn't get any cheesier, a couple of bird hand-puppets made an appearance. I think they were supposed to be birds, because of the “Two Little Blackbirds” song that accompanied them, but it was difficult to make a visual ID. These puppets looked like they’d been sewn by someone in the midst of a seizure, on a train…during an earthquake. Yet the babies responded like a bunch of sex starved blue-hairs at a Tom Jones concert. I could swear a couple of the babies were so excited they threw their Pampers into the middle of the room. It was downright embarrassing. And then I realized something even more troubling. I was kind of into it in spite of myself, smiling and laughing along with my baby. I couldn't pinpoint the exact moment I’d gone over to the dark side, but it had happened.”

My Rating: Liked It

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