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Being Human

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I love, love, love the show Being Human.  It is now in its third season on SyFy and I simply cannot get enough of it.  So what's it all about, you ask...well, here it goes. 

How the series began...

Aidan, played by Sam Witwer, is a nurse at Suffolk County Hospital in Boston.  He enjoys his job, which allows him to help people.  He's a quiet guy, kind of keeps to himself.  And, by the way, he's a vampire.  [On a side note...thank you SyFy for producing a HOTT vampire!  Why in the world are most vampire characters so unattractive (Cullens included)?  That is, of course, with the exception of Eric Northman in True Blood...whoa, momma.]

Josh, played by Sam Huntington, is an orderly at the same hospital.  He is a sensitive guy who has abandoned his family (yet misses them dearly), because he met with a horrible accident during a hiking trip and ended up a werewolf.  [Another side note...another thank you to SyFy for continuing the Hollywood streak of producing a HOTT werewolf.] 

So, Aidan and Josh make the most of their lives.  They live day-to-day with an attempt at being normal.  They decide that since they're both not-so-normal they'll get a house together and enter Sally...

Sally, played by Meaghan Rath, is a spunky girl who lived life to the fullest...until it ended.  She fell down the stairs to her death and is now stuck in the home where Aidan and Josh live.  Since they're both abnormal, they can see Sally and are able to communicate with her. 

And so...the show is about the unlikeliest of roommates...a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost.  

Now that we're in season three, quite a bit has happened since the initial introduction of the characters.  

Sally, with the help of some black magic, is now human again.  Josh, through the murder of the wolf that cursed him, is now human again.  And Aidan, well, he's still a vampire attempting to avoid a human virus (the flu) that is killing all the vampires.

---------Warning - If you haven't seen this week's episode, stop reading now.---------

Here I am

wasting space

so you don't see the spoiler 

if you don't want to.

The spoiler is coming.

Stop reading

if you don't want to see it.

La la la.

---------Spoiler Alert---------

HOLY CRAP!  My mind is blown!!!  

Could this episode be any more stressful!?!?!  

And the was so crazy that I was convinced it was somehow the season finale.  

Freaking Liam infected Aidan with the virus and he is already showing signs of deterioration.  And Liam (in wolf form) scratched now he's going to be a wolf again.  And poor Sally is decomposing and has to eat raw meat.  Ridiculousness!!!  (Side come Nick didn't tell Sally about the cats?  I mean, if he knew what was happening to them and how he was able to fix it.)

And Nora needs to step off her high horse.  She freaking killed Brynn, why does she have to be all "Damn you Aidan" about the Erin thing?  Such a hypocrite.  I am seriously getting tired of her.  She was such a great character last season, but this season I'm like ugh....

Anyway, I can't to see what happens next week.  Things are getting good!!!

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